Brand Situation
Morphe has seen explosive growth in first-launch markets and wanted to pursue a digital-first strategy in China.
SBA Added Value
  • Created business model and market expansion plan, arranged all resources inside China to make it happen, and rolled out the launch to RED and Tmall Global to-date.
  • In China we lead all aspects of the business including all online platforms, Alibaba and TP, social media, and digital marketing.
Off to an excellent start on Tmall with first 2 events selling out within one hour!

Continued success during 618 promotional cycle, exceeding objectives +40% and gaining top 3 position in color pallets segment amongst Tmall Global shops
“Over a 4 year period, Rob infused considerable energy into the local China efforts, which were existing in the market already through a distributor. He professionalized the sales management and business planning processes for the country, strengthened local marketing efforts, led the challenging product registration process, and generally raised the presence of the global brand, resulting in a more than tripling of retail sales. Besides these contributions, Rob conducted in-depth explorations into the China skincare market for Perricone MD, focusing on alternative distribution channels including TV home shopping, e-commerce, and other retail channel opportunities. He generated financial and business models to commercialize the identified opportunities, and provided outstanding
 plans to bring the brand to an entirely new level in the China market. Rob's work in identifying new opportunities and in building practical plans to address them
 was a breakthrough for the brand, and I highly recommend him to others who seek to develop their brand business in China.”
—— Diane Miles, CEO