Star Brands Asia Founder Rob Robertson took a 3 year break from SBA to run the Benefit Cosmetics business in China.
He returned the $50M USD business to growth through a focus on Sephora, a powerful launch of Benefit’s new brow products, and a strong launch on eCommerce platform Tmall.
Brand Situation
Benefit was languishing in China to the point that in global meetings the country was singled out as the single biggest issue facing the brand internationally. Through a client of SBA they met Rob and invited him to take over.
SBA Added Value
  • Instituted performance management systems within the sales force and cleaned up corrosive business practices
  • Brought in new leadership team to create a new future for the Brand in China
  • Focused single-mindedly on driving growth in Sephora, and on becoming dominant makeup brand in the brows segment
  • Revitalized the Brand through global first-ever celebrity endorsement (Yang Ze) and through aggressive launch into eCommerce (Tmall)
  • Led all aspects of launch onto Tmall Domestic
Returned the brand to growth overall with Sephora sales +41% vs LY.

Browzam launch cited by CEO as an inspiration to other markets.

Service sales tripled in strategic
 Sephora channel due to Wonder Brow.

Major success with Tmall Domestic launch, now driving overall brand growth in China market
Client's Review
“Rob is an experienced China expert with a very strategic mind. He led our China business through a difficult transition with composure, transparency and a level head. During this time he totally rebuilt the team and transitioned our distribution in line with consumer trends. This was a very tricky transition which Rob handled impressively.
 As a result our China business is now set to grow very healthily for many years to come.”
—— Ed Forrest, VP Asia-Pacific, Benefit Cosmetics